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About Adwartising

What is Adwartising?

Adwartising is a Kolkata based, creative marketing agency offering creative and innovative solutions to all your marketing needs. Bragging alert! we are the first gamevertising agency in Bengal and probably in India offering business solutions through gamervertisements or advergaming. Gamification is the most effective, entertaining and engaging mode of business communications. Gamevertisements or advergames are video games which are created, published and shared with the sole objective of brand promotion. Furthermore, it is helpful for training, education, research, marketing as well as generating more sales. Read more about Gamevertisements or advergaming here.

In addition to this, we also offer a comprehensive range solutions starting from advertisements/ commercials to digital marketing, creation of apps and e-commerce portals. The team of Adwartising is comprised of highly experienced IT professionals, film directors, photographers, editors and marketers. We have worked for esteemed list of national and regional clients which include Ford India, ITC, Kothari Medical, Ebela, NVD, Goodricke, B.C.Sen Jewellers and innumerable regional clients. We are a pool of experienced professionals from diverse fields of TV/ film and advertising production fraternity.

Proud to serve

Why Adwartising?

There is an ongoing war between brands for consumer attention. Thus Adwartising helps businesses win the war with the help of our offered solutions at most competent price. However, advertisements are still a costly phenomenon for most of the new and struggling business houses. Hence we believe in replacing a part of financial extravaganza with creative and sweat equity. In addition to that, we work as brand evangelist for our startup clients till they consider it suitable for them.

How Adwartising works?

Objective of Adwartising is to serve a respite to business owners, directors and marketing heads with our comprehensive marketing solutions. Furthermore, Adwartising predominantly focuses on budding entrepreneurs and business houses to gain the requisite market traction at a much lower cost. Our creative solutions include basic market survey, ideation, graphic designing, animation (both 2D and 3D), Audio Visual content creation, social media promotion and management, website creation, ecommerce portal creation, hosting, blogging, ATL and BTL media publicity.

In a nutshell

We help business become brands through our extensive range of professional services. Moreover, we all know collaboration is the key for all businesses, hence we help businesses with marketing and advertising planning, ideation, concept creation, media planning, shooting, content creation, web designing, graphic designing, complete IT support and performance analyses.

Even though we are a Kolkata based agency, we provide services all across India. Feel free to contact us.