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Effective Advertisement Tricks

Every business, every client, every agency is trying hard to get hold of this secret sauce to advertising. Growing number of businesses and agencies with declining human attention have once again fostered the demand for successful advertising. I still remember, how we used to stay glued to our TV sets even during the commercial breaks. Needless to say, every tune, every jingle, every dialogue are still etched in our minds. Undeniably, the scope of advertising has broadened since downfall of Soviet union. However the race for consumer attention has intensified big time. With growing invention, technology and market competitions- it has become imperative for brands to bank on credible commercials. This article will emphasize on tricks considered as secret to effective advertisement. Reading this article will help you with insights that you should know before hiring advertising agency.

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Advertisement is an art with a purpose. Hence every commercial must abide by the principles of desired objective. Better an advertising, better it leaves its mark on our minds. Studying human mind and behavior is a crucial aspect for making effective advertising. This article suggests some of the ingrained attribute of human psychology. The best advertiser is the best storyteller. Hence the best ad agency is the one who try to capsize human minds through effective storytelling with a distinct call to action. Before devising a story an advertising agency must know about the brain that’s going to hear that story. Irrespective or your offerings, the moment your story starts spreading from person to person- your business transforms into a brand.

Advertising ideas is like virus, it needs a host to live in. Ideas on boards or whitepapers are useless until it finds a human brain. Similar to virus, idea spreads from person to person within or outside a community. Unlike virus, ideas are not tracked down within physical bodies rather ideas are evaluated on the basis of how our brains react to them. Recent researches have unveiled four ways how human brains process information.

1) Consumer minds look for differences:

Human brains are hesitant to accept new information. Every time we come across any new idea- we try to compare it to the status quo. We tend to analyze the idea based on our priori knowledge. If it doesn’t new, we are most likely to ignore it. Hence, this is the first trick in the process of ideating effective advertisement. Using this trick will certainly make your advertisement stand out from the clutter. Integrate tricks like unique character, music, graphics, voice over or even story telling techniques to create effective advertisement.

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2) Human brains look for causation:

Consumer attention is the most expensive currency in post modern world. Trillions of dollars are spent everyday to grab this attention. When any incident manages to grab our attention, our brain automatically starts seeking the cause behind it. Seeing a broken window we start looking for stone or a ball across the floor. We start to make up our own version to legitimize the incident.

3) Consumer brains are presumptuous:

Yes, we presume incidents, occurrences and even ideas when we come across one. Our brain is evidently in love with status quo. That is why we prefer to retain our savings than risk it with an investment where the chances of winning is 50-50. Presumption is an ingrained human behavior to justify incidents around us and if the presumptions match the reality. Then we withdraw our attention and settle back in and starts ignoring things again. Advertising agencies must factor in this presumptuous attitude of customers while devising an advertising film.

4) Reliance on cognitive dissonance:

Cognitive dissonance is the fight that takes place inside our brains, between new idea and our own assumptions. We are wired to respond in accordance to our respective cognitive dissonance. Once, we zero in on some assumptions about causation, we try hard to stick to them. From business perspective, this is what triggers ‘buyers’ hesitation’ on facing new brand or information. We tend to ignore or deny contradicting data as long as we can get away with it only to focus on things that we agree with. This is why best advertising agencies devise completely different narratives and positioning strategy for new and established brands.

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Going forward while hiring an advertising agency, make sure they factor in these tricks while ideating effective advertisement for your brand. These are the things your advertising agency must factor in while strategizing your next big TV Commercial.

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