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With a cumulative experience of more than three decades in technology and advertising- we are introducing “gamevertising”  for Indian brands. Why bother your customers with unwanted advertisements when you can engage them to interact with your own brand? For free gamevertising consultancy, call: +91 8777056267

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Quick and easy steps to start your own gamevertising campaign

Identify your objective

You don’t need to move anything. We will do the job for you. You can even leave the computer at the door. We will pick up the computer and leave you a donation document. You don’t need to know everything. All you need to do is to identify the objectives which you want to attain through gamevertising.


Create Gamevertisement

Share your concerns and objectives with our creative and technical team. With their expertise they will come up with multiple solutions to meet your objective. After going through the concepts you can finally decide on what is best for your brand. Our team will build the game and deliver it to you within stipulated deadline.


Share and distribute

Based on GDD the final game shall be shared and distributed among target audience. Now its time for you to sit back and let your customer interact with your brands through the game. Till date this is undoubtedly the best way to entertain your customer and also express your gratitude for them.


1.3 billion

PC Gamers

760 million

Indian smartphone users


Experienced resources

261+ million

Indians between 18-29 years

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Certainly, you can.  Gamevertising has proven to be one of the most effective form of advertising strategy.  Through gamevertising you could interact with your customers without the invading their privacy. 

Gamevertising has immense prospect in B2B domain. Starting from new customer acquisition, retention and training- gamevertising could be the ultimate solution to your regular problems. 

The cost of gamevertising depends on the purpose it pledges to solve. Secondly, the cost also depends on concept, technology, platform and genre of your game. 

Unlike advertising, gamevertising is a much inexpensive way to communicate with your customers. Advertising include huge production and publication. Furthermore, advertising cannot be tweaked as per customer response. Gamevertisements can be tweaked, equipped and scaled as per your requisition. In addition to that, gamevertising does not invade customer privacy like advertisements. 

Games are the most effective way for teaching, up skilling, assessing and motivating individuals. Even it helps in conditioning of human brain to optimize our potential and efficiency. It is effective for any and every age groups. Effective games can be devised for 

Certainly, you can. Gamevertising is implemented with pre specified objectives. Anyone can select their objectives from a colossal number of options. If anyone wants to earn money through gamevertising, they can integrate different payment options in order to earn money from their gamevertising. 

Gamevertising can be executed across any and all platforms like PC, Android, IOS, XBox, Console, Nintendo, VR, Social Media and normal web browser. 

Gaming technology is a comparatively new with groundbreaking possibilities. Choice of games differ in accordance to industry, objectives, platforms and resource. For free guidance about your industry, feel free to call us at +91 8777056267. 

Join the movement to make advertising more effective and engaging through gamevertising

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