grow your business with gamification

How to grow your business with gamification?

“How to improve my business?”- Probably, this is the only question which has been bothering each and every businessmen since the onset of trade and commerce. Time has evolved the commercial practice as well as consumer behavior. Industrial revolution ushered the era of consumer driven market. Marketing and advertising have also evolved in due course of time. Business transcended the boundaries of art, science and technology in order to attain what it is today. Apart from Neuromarketing, Gamification is considerably the most improved and contemporary methodology which is being rapidly adapted by large business houses like Nike, PepsiCo & Cadbury. Surprisingly, a colossal pool of opportunities is hidden within this small word of “Gamification”.

What is Gamification?

According to Google, Gamification is the application of typical elements of game playing (e.g. point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to other areas of activity, typically as an online marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or service. However this does not suffice the actual potential of gamification in improving businesses. Unarguably, we all know how to influence consumer behavior. In fact each and every marketing agency use these tactics to increase the effectiveness of advertisements. For long we have been using triggers like color psychology, typography, dotted lines, the word “free” and the list is endless.

According to neuromarketers, featuring a child’s image in advertisement surprisingly makes a brand more appealing. Similarly, gamification is the way of appealing our customers through fun and entertainment. In a world full of stress and anxiety, making someone smile is the best way to win over someone’s heart. Gamification does the same. Be it informing the customers about your new products or training your existing employees for better performance- gamification could be your ideal solution. Beside engaging the customers/ employees it also entertains, educates, guides, instructs, informs, & supports.

How gamification helps to grow your business?

It is an uphill task to delineate the galactic possibilities of gamification in a single blog. This blog is just an attempt to sketch a basic outline of the possibilities of gamification in modern business and commerce. For any given business, the overall benefits of gamification can broadly be classified into two parts- i) intra organizational, ii) extra organizational.

i) Intra Organizational Application of Gamification:

By internal we mean an intra-organizational application of gamification. For example, training/ up skilling existing employees, increase productivity/ performance, encourage creativity and innovation, facilitate communication process.

ii) Extra Organizational Application of Gamification:

Extra organizational applicability of gamification actively involves sales and marketing communication, consumer awareness, engagement and retention through an entertaining manner. Brands are significantly accepting games as their most powerful. Advent of technologies like AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) MR/ XR (Mixed and Extended Reality) has surpassed the precincts of conventional gaming. They are broadly used in Medical science, engineering, manufacturing, Logistics and Defence industries. As a brand Cadbury has effectively embraced gamification in their regular marketing strategy.

Do you want to grow your business now?

Adwartising offers comprehensive gamification service to businesses and organizations. A research based games can not only help you solve your business impediments, but will also provide you with an edge over your competitors. Change and adapt is the only success mantra for all businesses in twenty first century. Are you facing low conversion or retention of customers? Are your employees not contributing their full potential? Is your business facing tough competitors marketing land slide? We can help you overcome the situation with cleverly devised gamification strategy. If you have a mind to explore avenues, we have a colossal collection of route maps for you. Feel free to contact us for free demonstration.

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